It is officially confirmed that Thalapathy67 would mark tamil actor Vijay's second collaboration with filmmaker lokesh Kanagaraj. They previously released a dud with Master, and 7 Screen Studio will make the new film. The first shooting schedule for Thalapathy67 began on the second of this month and is still in progress. Vijay will appear in a different role in an action thriller directed by lokesh Kanagaraj. This film will be released across all of India, and well-known technicians will be producing it. 

The music is composed by Anirudh Ravichander, and Manoj Paramahamsa controls the camera. More information is awaited in Vijay 67 zone and meanwhile another video of Keerthy suresh has gone viral. In one of the old videos, Keerthy suresh was happily answering the questions and when she was asked about her husband, she immediately answered 'Thalapathy' and this has been quite interesting!

Already, several tamil news channels and media are speculating that Keerthy suresh is having an affair with Vijay and Vijay finances her female-centric movie through his PR jagadish and so on. Now, this old video has spiced up the controversy and netizens are sharing the video virally on twitter and other mediums.

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