The most deep pain anybody can feel is the loss of a loved one, according to many. Vijay Antony, a tamil actor and composer, recently experienced similar difficulty when his cherished daughter, Meera, sadly committed suicide. vijay antony showed amazing endurance by keeping up with his professional obligations despite this great loss. Now that this has gained widespread attention, vijay antony is being praised highly.

Nine days after the terrible death of his daughter, vijay antony spoke to the media and took part in a news conference for "Rattam." His younger daughter was with him, which added to the poignancy of his appearance. The terrible circumstances surrounding Meera's departure resulted in an understandable one-week delay for "Rattam," which was previously slated for publication on september 28. Given the situation, it was essential to decide to postpone the movie's release.

Vijay Antony made the decision to take part in the promotional event in spite of his excruciating agony because he was aware of the realities of the industry and felt a sense of obligation to his work and the "Rattam" crew. The director of "Rattam" is C.S. Amudan. mahima nambiar plays the female lead in the film. We are hopeful that the film, which debuts this Friday, will be a commercial success.

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