Sources stated that although the film is released in many genres, the films released with the psycho thriller storyline have their own fan base. This is because such stories are often based on true events. Well, let's see about the top 10 psycho thriller movies released in tamil so far.

Sigappu Rojakkal:

Directed by Bharti Raja, the movie 'Sigappu Rojakkal' was released in the year 1978 and starred global hero kamal haasan and Sridevi. The film was shot in such a way as to reveal the dark side of the successful businessman. ilayaraja composed the music for this film. This film ran for more than 175 days in tamil and set a record. And this film was also released in hindi as red Rose and hit the box office.



Directed by suresh Krishna, kamal haasan played a double role in the movie 'Aalavanthan'. A kamal haasan who is abused by Siddhi as a child later turns psycho and murders Siddhi at an early age. The story of the film is that Kamal saves another wife from a psycho Kamal who then tries to kill his brother's wife too. shankar mahadevan composed the music for this film. Manisha Koirala, Raveena Tandon, Riyaz Khan and many others played important roles.


Directed by shankar and starring Vikram, the film 'Anniyan' was released in the year 2005. vikram who suffers from Pan personality disorder becomes psycho when he is disturbed by social problems, lying, cheating etc. He will punish the wrongdoers according to the Karuna Purana. harris jayaraj composed music for this film. Vivek, prakash raj and others played the main roles of sada opposite Vikram.

Nadunisi Naaigal:

Directed by director Gautham menon, released psycho thriller movie. The story of this film is about how a man who is abused by his father at a young age, becomes a psycho in the future and murders many women. Although this new attempt by menon -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>gautham menon was appreciated, the film did not succeed as expected.


This film released in the lead roles of vishnu vishal and amala Pal was directed by director Ram Kumar. In this film which was released in the year 2018 and was well received by the fans, a student suffering from a genetic deficiency falls in love with a female student who loves him, but the girl rejects him citing his impotence problem. He then murders the woman... and disguises himself as a woman, targeting those who constantly taunt him. It is noted that this film released with the music of Gibran is one of the psycho thriller films which has been well received by the fans.


Directed by Myshkin, the film starring Udayanidhi stalin and Aditi Roy... 'Psycho'. The heroine falls in love with a psycho, and instead of fearing him, she hopes that her blind lover will come to her rescue. Was he finally saved? The story of this film is how the psycho becomes a mental patient and how a legless police officer helps a blind man. It is noteworthy that this film, which was released with the music of ilayaraja, was well received by the fans and showed another dimension of Udayanidhi's performance.


Actress Nayanthara played a double role in the movie Neetikan. Nayanthara, a police officer, becomes involved with a psycho after losing her sight in an accident. The psycho doctor gets happiness only by torturing women and having sex with them. His wife looks like Nayanthara. He tries to reach Nayanthara, who is blind as he is dead. Does his wish come true? The story of this film is how Nayanthara escapes from his capture. Directed by Milit Rao, the film was composed by Krish. Produced and acted by Nayanthara, the film released in 2021 and received mixed reviews.


Directed by Vasantha Balan, the film directed by Vasantha Balan is 'Aneethi'. At a young age, his father was handed over to the police on a theft charge for taking a piece of chocolate. They hit him hard and he succumbs to his injuries and cannot breathe.

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