Celebrities including superstar Rajinikanth attended the wedding of Vijayakumar's granddaughter diya and congratulated the bride and groom.

Vijayakumar's daughter Anita has a daughter named Diya. Diya, who studied medicine abroad, was in love with Dhillon. After the family gave the green signal for their love, diya is getting married today. Diya's wedding was held at the Sherdon Grand Hotel in Mahabalipuram.

Diya's wedding celebrations were in full swing for the past week. First, the Bandhakal planting ceremony was held at home, and on the same day, Sumangali Puja was also performed. Later Mehndi function was held at Sherden Grand Hotel. All relatives participated in this.

After the Sangeet festival was over, Halti Pankshan was held yesterday. In this, they danced with the bride and groom by pouring yellow water on each other. Later in the night party everyone had fun with disco, DJ, singing and dancing.

In this case, this morning, Diya's wedding was held at the Sherden Grand Hotel. Superstar Rajinikanth, actor dhanush and many people including Suriya's family were invited for their wedding. Accepting their invitation, actor Rajinikanth came in person and congratulated the newlyweds. Apart from this, celebrities including actresses meena and sneha also attended the wedding

"Even if the hero calls at 3 o'clock in the night, should I go... or not..." The famous actress spoke openly about her experience.

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