As it is said that Suriya is going to walk out of Vadivasal directed by Vethimaran, information has been leaked about the actor who will play his replacement.

suriya, vetrimaaran

Vadivasal is the film in which actor Suriya is committed to act in the direction of Vetimaaran. vetrimaran is going to make the film based on the novel written by C.S. Chellappa. The announcement of the film was made last year 2020. Accordingly, kalaipuli S. It was announced that Thanu will be producing and gv prakash Kumar will be composing the music for the film. They also mentioned that the film is going to be made with a huge budget.

But after that announcement, there were no updates about the film. The reason for this is Vetrimaran. As he was busy with the liberation film work, he did not turn his head towards Vadivasal until the completion of the film. As the work of Vithuthyam has not been completed till now, Vaadivasal is still shelved. On the other hand, Suriya also waited for about 4 years for the film.

suriya plan to quit vaadivaasal

Rumors are spreading in the kollywood circles that Suriya has decided to walk out of Vaadivasal as he has films lined up. It is said that Suriya, who had a meeting with vetrimaran recently, has given his decision on the matter. As Suriya has decided to quit, it is said that director Vethimaran is in the process of choosing another actor to replace him.

Soori replace suriya in vaadivaasal

While it was said that dhanush would be his first choice if Suriya quits, now vetrimaran is in the decision to replace Suriya as a new twist. It is said that Vethimaran, who was impressed by Suri's performance in the film Vadivasal, has decided to cast her in Vadivasal as well. The news that Suriya has decided to leave Vaadivasal after Vananaan is currently a hot topic in Kollywood.

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