Following the rains that were observed in certain portions of the former karimnagar district on sunday evening, people were able to find some relief from the oppressive heat. Some areas of the ancient karimnagar registered wind and rain. Due to the severe winds, a sizable flex banner commemorating telangana Formation Day that was erected in jagtial town's Manchinillabavi fell. The massive banner fell onto the important Jagtial-Nizamabad route, temporarily stopping all vehicular traffic. Municipal officials quickly made space available.

Choppadandi had the maximum amount of rainfall, 35.8 mm, followed by Jaggasagar of Metpalli (16.5), Gangipalli (16.3), and Pochampalli (13.8) of Manakondur Mandal, Venkepalli of v Saidapur (13.3), Ellanthakunta (13.0), and Bornapalli of huzurabad mandal (11.6).

The former karimnagar district celebrated Suraksha Dinotsavam on a big scale on Sunday. The police Department held Suraksha Dinotsavam as a part of the 21-day telangana Formation Day festivities. To commemorate the day, huge vehicle parades with all the soldiers were organized in the district offices of karimnagar, Peddapalli, jagtial, and Rajanna-Sircilla.

In their respective districts, ministers, MLAs, other public figures, and police officers took part in the activity. Later, kamalakar stated his belief that the police, who work nonstop away from their families, is the only reason that people are able to enjoy tranquil lives during the celebrations conducted at the police parade grounds.

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