Kabita Singh is famous for her YouTube channel "Kabitha's Kitchen" and earns 5 to 6 crores per annum. Today many people are making a good living from their culinary arts. Many people have found their own employment by creating their own channel on YouTube. Kabita Singh is one of them. Kabita Singh has gained popularity with her unwavering passion for cooking and sharing indian recipes on social media with her YouTube channel Kabita's Kitchen. Kabita Singh's culinary journey began in the vibrant city of Kolkata, India, where cooking was her passion from a young age. She has a natural talent for mastering culinary school techniques. In november 2014, Kabita Singh decided to share her culinary skills with the world by launching "Kabitha's Kitchen" on YouTube. Initially conceived as a hobby, her channel quickly gained a large following as a platform to document her recipes and share her culinary expertise with friends and family. By 2017, the channel had over one million followers.

In terms of financial success, Kabita's Kitchen has seen an impressive rise in net worth. The YouTube platform is her main source of income. Additional revenue streams are flowing in from YouTube brand campaigns. 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore per year from campaigns. is coming Kabitas Kitchen has an estimated net worth of Rs. 5-6 crores. Kabita Singh's channel has grown beyond geographical boundaries. With 13.4 million subscribers, the channel is a global culinary phenomenon. This remarkable feat affirms viewers' faith in Kabita Singh's culinary expertise and her ability to resonate with food enthusiasts across the globe. Her culinary expertise spans the globe.

Kabita Singh says that her mother-in-law is a role model for her culinary school and she inspires her to cook a variety of dishes. Her mother-in-law from a distant village taught her about a successful professional career and the responsibilities of household management. Mother-in-law did not know gender discrimination. It was this approach that fueled Kabita Singh's commitment to her craft and inspired countless others.

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