Chintha prabhakar, a senior BRS politician, was defeated by congress candidate T Jayaprakash Reddy, well known as Jagga Reddy, in the 2018 assembly election by just 3,000 votes. This time, as the district prepares for the contest later this year, prabhakar is observing several things working in his advantage thanks to a steadily building public feeling against Jagga Reddy.

After the elections, the congress leader is claimed to have remained mostly unreachable to even his supporters, even by phone. His few trips to the district—during which the mla was confined to a hotel room in Hyderabad—have only served to fuel the feeling. He is frequently seen on television networks attacking rival party officials and discrediting opponents within his own organisation.

Though the State government had constructed an incredibly contemporary camp office for MLAs at sangareddy headquarters, party members claim he is seldom seen there. Prior to the 2018 elections, he promised to provide home site pattas to 40,000 low-income households in the sangareddy constituency. This promise has not been kept, and Chintha prabhakar & Co. now want to exploit Jagga Reddy's broken promises and lack of access against him as soon as the campaign gets underway.

When asking the audience at a gathering in sangareddy how many of them knew the address of their mla, Finance minister T harish rao recently exposed Jagga Reddy. There was silence. The identical response was given when the MLA's phone number was requested. Nobody knew it.

On the other side, Chintha prabhakar, who was in the meantime named as the chairman of the TS Handloom Corporation, has made sure that he is visible and reachable to the people across the constituency. He has also taken an active role in processing complaints and applications for pensions, ration cards, help from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund, Kalyana Lakshmi, and other programmes, among other things. people are spotted approaching him in order to apply for employment at nearby private businesses and seats at educational institutions.

The election between the two will be an interesting one this time around because of Jagga Reddy's rising popularity in the constituency, particularly in important areas like Sadasivapet Municipality, sangareddy Municipality, Kandi, and Kondapur mandals, as well as the fact that he has yet to be seen campaigning or taking any action to counter the growing public sentiment against him.

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