Jana Sena leader and actor pawan kalyan rallied for the upcoming polls, urging the people of andhra pradesh to support their alliance to take on the governance of the YSRCP. However, netizens are concerned about Pawan Kalyan’s political journey which has recently sparked discussions regarding the rings he wears. He wears two rings on his right hand, a tortoise ring and a snake ring while sporting a coral ring on his left hand.

Pawan Kalyan’s choice to wear these rings appears to have astrological importance. According to his horoscope, astrologers reportedly recommend wearing these rings due to certain doshas related to Kuja Rahu Sandhi and Rahu Ketu. Born on september 2, 1971, pawan kalyan belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign, which includes Mars, Rahu and the Moon. Despite the presence of Chandra Mangala Yoga, the influence of Kuja Rahu Sandhi makes wearing the Nagabandha ring (Snake ring) particularly suitable for him, as per reports. Astrologically, these rings are believed to yield positive results for him.

Pawan kalyan also wears a cobra ring and a tortoise ring as remedies to mitigate the doshas in his horoscope, likely in response to his losses in the past elections and challenges in his personal life, including reports of polygamy. The cobra ring is often worn by individuals facing family issues, anxiety, or political challenges. It is believed to provide protection and strength.

On the other hand, the tortoise ring, depicting the Kurmavatara, symbolises growth, power, and public appeal according to astrology. These rings serve as astrological remedies to avoid negative influences and enhance positive energies in Pawan Kalyan’s life, according to reports.

In addition to the cobra and tortoise rings, pawan kalyan also wears a large coral ring. Weighing at least 4 carats, this ring is believed to have been recommended by astrologers to align with his horoscope, particularly for political involvement. Despite his penchant for fine jewellery, pawan kalyan opts for expensive diamonds rather than cheaper alternatives like corals. Astrologers suggest that wearing such a sizable coral ring serves as a preventive measure against potential doshas in his horoscope.

It looks like Pawan Kalyan’s recent choice of these rings is influenced by his supporters and close associates, who believe that addressing horoscope discrepancies could potentially mitigate his past political and personal setbacks.

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