He has lost elections twice to Manoj Pandey...?

Kushinagar lok sabha seat of Uttar Pradesh is a topic of discussion at present. From here, both father and son have filed nominations against each other. Swami prasad Maurya and his son Uttrakash Maurya are face to face. Earlier, Uttrakash Maurya had contested the 2012 assembly elections. He contested elections from Unchahar on BSP ticket and lost to SP's Manoj Pandey by just 2 thousand votes. The situation remained the same in the 2017 elections also. In this election, Uttrakash had contested on bjp ticket. Talking about Maurya's election affidavit, he is a graduate from Dr. ram Manohar Lohia and has obtained LLB degree.

Maurya has Rs 50000 in cash

According to the affidavit, Maurya has Rs 50,000 in cash and his wife Savita has Rs 30,000 in cash. Apart from this, the total movable assets of Uttrakash are Rs 85 lakh 73 thousand 853. His wife has movable assets worth Rs 11 lakh 8 thousand 450. Apart from this, Maurya's daughter Tanishka has movable assets worth Rs 19 lakh 19 thousand 477 and her son Samrat has movable assets worth Rs 7 lakh 33 thousand 862.

Real estate worth crores

Among these movable assets, Maurya has gold worth Rs 14 lakh 75 thousand, his wife has gold worth Rs 7 lakh and 500 grams of silver worth Rs 40 thousand. Whereas Utkrisht has guns worth Rs 157,000. Talking about immovable property, Utkrisht has agricultural, non-agricultural and commercial and private houses worth a total of Rs 1 crore 25 lakh 30 thousand. His wife has immovable property worth Rs 45 lakh 30 thousand. His children do not own any real estate. Uttam Maurya also has a loan of Rs 30 lakh 74 thousand 695.

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