Rahul Gandhi sharpening the voice of opposition in Parliament...

It has been almost a month since the lok sabha elections were completed in the country and the new government was formed. Prime Minister narendra modi is continuously active. Currently, Modi, who went on a tour of russia and Austria, also went to italy to participate in the G7 countries meeting immediately after the swearing-in. After him, the second leader is Rahul Gandhi whose popularity and activism is currently being seen. Finally, rahul gandhi got the recognition for which he struggled for about a decade and a half.

After falling and lagging behind many times, rahul gandhi is now working as the Leader of the Opposition in the 18th Lok Sabha. His party is also full of confidence and he is also uniting the opposition. Any matter troubling the government, rahul gandhi is immediately reaching the spot. Be it the hathras incident, Assam floods or Manipur incident, rahul gandhi is speaking on all these and making his presence felt.

Both the ruling party and the opposition should learn

The Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi is currently on a foreign tour. Anyway, the PM speaks once in the house on the issues of the opposition and sums up all the points of the opposition in that. After that, outside the Parliament, he neither listens to the opposition, nor gives much reactionnor does he pay attention to rahul Gandhi. The prime minister has already propagated rahul Gandhi's talkativeness and childishness. The point to understand here is that according to the Constitution of India, the Leader of the Opposition is considered a part of the government. There is no opposition between the government and the opposition. It is envisaged that both the ruling party and the opposition will run the government together. If the opposition is allowed to run the governmentthen it will raise whatever issue it feels is important, both in the house and outside.

The opposition has the freedom to oppose, but it also depends on the fact that it should also provide facilities to run the government. The ruling party will also have to accept that the leader of the Opposition is a constitutional post. Therefore, it should work as a shadow of the prime minister and other ministries. The opposition is considered a shadow of the government.

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