Secunderabad railway station, one of the twin cities, will soon change its appearance. The railway station will be developed to international standards. The Railways has decided to internationally redevelop secunderabad station at an estimated cost of Rs 653 crore. As part of that it has already called for tenders as well. Malls theaters will build hotels along with commercial complexes in about three years once tenders are finalized. With the commencement of the tender process, a key step was taken for the development of the secunderabad station. The Railways has also invited tenders for the development of secunderabad and tirupati railway stations. Following the development, more important stations will be redeveloped.

Secunderabad railway station is not only the hub of the South Central Railway but also one of the busiest stations on the indian Railways. It is playing a key role in uniting North india with South India. South Central Railway officials have called for tenders for the development of secunderabad station at an estimated cost of about Rs 653 crore in the wake of the Railway Ministry's decision to upgrade the railway stations with world-class facilities. Authorities are arranging a pre-bid meeting on june 21 in this regard. The project will be constructed on July 29 under the EPC scheme. The South Central Railway has set a deadline of 36 months for the agency to complete the tender process and complete its redevelopment within three months to 36 months.

If the secunderabad railway station is developed to international standards, a major part of the city will be developed. With a multiple transportation system, passengers can travel from one place to another without interruption. train passengers will have better travel connectivity at the station. Adequate parking facilities will be provided along with the provision of suitable places for passengers to be unloaded. It also helps to connect to the city road network to reduce congestion in congested areas. The traffic system around the railway station will be improved. It looks like a new city center has been set up to provide business opportunities to local businesses and increase revenue.

As part of the development of secunderabad railway station, a new station building with G + 3 floors - 22516 sq. M. Also on the south side of the current building G + 3 floors - 14792 square meters will be expanded development. Construction of a two-storey sky concourse with 108 meters. The first floor is accessible to travelers. The second floor will be available to the public as a roof top plaza (24604 square meters).

Similarly the South Central Railway has decided to have a multi-level (to set up parking on five levels) north of the station. In addition, a separate underground parking lot will be set up on the south side of the station. Special entry and exit lanes (drop off and pickup areas) will be provided. This will ensure that the departing passengers will not have any difficulty in moving the vehicles. In addition, a 5000 kV solar power plant will be set up.

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