In 'Tiger-3', along with salman khan, Katrina's action scenes were also blasted. Especially the Kat action scene with the towel was the highlight of the movie. Kat's performance has been praised without any reduction to the action heroes. All the fans praised this fight. Recently Katrina's husband vicky kaushal responded about this towel fight. 

The husband was shocked to see the wife's action scene.' How hard did she work for that fight?I know. I felt very happy seeing katrina like that. Inspired me. I will never argue with her again. If I argue like that, she will attack me with a towel too' he laughed. Jokes on Vicky Kaushal's comments are also exploding. Vicky seems to have already tested Kat's blow. That's why they are posting funny comments saying that he is scared like this. 

It is known that the recently released Tiger-3 was a great success. Although the movie was given a huge opening at the beginning, there were doubts that it would achieve any kind of result in the end. But it was a great success with incredible collections. With this, the victory ceremony was conducted in a grand manner. It is known that vicky kaushal is ready to fight with Animal on december 1. 'Sam Badhoor', in which he played the lead role, will be released on the same day. 

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