Even after Agni Nakshatra, people are suffering from severe heat. The people of Cuddalore district are suffering a lot due to the scorching heat from march till now. people are suffering from sleepless nights due to the hot air blowing and the sweltering at night is more than usual.

In this regard, Meteorologist Balamurugan said, "For the last four days, Cuddalore district has recorded more than 100 degree heat. In this case, the westerly wind is coming from the sea area as a very strong dry wind, the hot air is increasing and the scorching sun is hitting us. Moist winds coming from the east between 1 pm and 2 pm will reduce the effect of heat. But now the east wind is late. Apart from this the southwest monsoon always starts in the first week of June.

But as the Southwest Monsoon rains have not started in the kerala region so far, tamil Nadu continues to get hot. If the southwest monsoon starts in the kerala region, the effect of the sun will decrease. Therefore, for the next two days, similar dry conditions will be seen and the effect of the sun will increase," he said.

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