Though dil raju and anil ravipudi made sure that they created the 'baap' of promotions for their tomorrow releasing flick "F3," the absence of milky siren tamannaah bhatia is being highly debated by cinema buffs right now. tamannaah, on the other hand, was meant to participate in the marketing the other day, but she did not show up.

Tamannaah was expected to join f3 promotions yesterday, according to the rumor, as she had just returned from paris after wrapping off her first-ever trip to the Cannes Film Festival. By the afternoon, however, the actress is alleged to have handed over her hand to dil raju and Anil Ravipudi, claiming that she has urgent job to do. And that task consists of attending karan Johar's birthday bash in Mumbai. Tamanna attempted to divert attention away from the other gorgeous guests at the gathering, but she was only partially successful.

Industry sources, on the other hand, believe Tamanna has already done enough to promote the picture. And for dil Raju's remuneration, she has garnered attention to the film due to her playing prowess and elegance, which is undoubtedly enough for the producer. Even dil raju is said to have skipped calling Tamanna for a day in order to save money on travel tickets and lodging expenses. What's the point of Tamanna's promotion now?

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