Padmabhushan is a writer with a paper-thin point. A budding writer struggles to succeed in vijayawada but stumbles along the way. The story of a struggling writer is not the only one that director Shanmukha prasanth has shown. There's a tonne more, really. It has a societal message that is only made clear at the conclusion. This climax twist and the underlying message were successful for this writer. 

The writer in the director won some points for this. Suhas, the main character, carried a lot of the burden of this storytelling with his genuine performance. He displayed excellent acting once more. There are issues unique to writers. Strong conflict points are lacking. It is merely the protagonist's internal struggle. Everything revolves on his difficulties and lack of self-assurance. The dearth of compelling scenes gives the impression that the movie is dragging.

The lead couple's love story isn't strong enough. A greater explanation of why sarika endorses Padmabhushan was required. This makes us wait till the very end. But the outcome supports. The movie is propelled by the intense passion it contains. We are bonded by the protagonist's powerlessness and the affection of the parents. The twist that is kept until the very end saves the movie. While songs may be enjoyable on their own, the placement of the songs interrupts the narration.

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