Actor Prakash Raj, who is known for speaking his thoughts, said that attempts to get Shah Rukh Khan's movie "Pathaan" banned are "simply barking" and will not succeed at the Mathrubhumi international Festival of letters in Kerala. raj likened the box office triumph of "Pathaan," which brought in Rs 700 crore, to the failure of the movie "PM narendra Modi," which only made Rs 30 crore. 

Raj remarked, "They intended to prohibit Pathaan," at the occasion. The revenue is 700 crores. These idiots and racists did not run PM narendra Modi's film, Pathaan, which cost 30 crore rupees to produce. They simply bark and are non-venomous and just Noise pollution. The kashmir Files, directed by vivek Agnihotri, was then criticised by the man, who stated that it was "one of the stupid films, but we know who created it. Shameless. They receive scorn from a global jury.

The director is inquiring as to why I did not win an Oscar. He won't even be awarded a Bhaskar. There is a sensitive media out there, which is why I'm telling you. You can make a propaganda movie here. based on my sources. They spent over Rs 2,000 crore on just making movies like this. However, you can't always trick people.

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