Dasara, directed by nani, is the movie that received the most publicised release following the major sankranti releases. Additionally, the reservations have been extraordinary. Trade groups also had high hopes for the movie's box office success. Let's check to see if dasara lived up to the hype or not.

Director srikanth Odela has effectively created the world of Veerlapally with a rural telangana background, according to talk from the early shows. The scenes depicting dharani and Suri's friendship came out excellently, and the BGM performed by Santosh Narayanan is praised for being extraordinary because it increased the drama in numerous situations.

As the ads and trailers implied, the movie is very intense and features raw nature. The audience also thinks Deekshit Shetty did a great job, and nani and Keerthy suresh gave their finest performances of their careers. The film's slowness and a few sequences that were ineffective and tried the viewer's patience are said to be its main flaws. The movie's songs look just passably onscreen, not at all what the crowd was hoping for.

Despite these drawbacks, the movie is considered to be a must-see in theatres because of Nani's acting, the plot, the wonderful intermission, and a few extraordinary scenes. Overall, the dasara team produced a quality movie, and the buzz surrounding it is sufficient, according to the audience, as the conversation is above average to decent.

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