Victory venkatesh With the Netflix-backed web series "Rana Naidu," which contained coarse language and adult material, venkatesh made his debut in the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital world. Despite having a large Netflix audience, venkatesh and his nephew rana daggubati had to deal with abuse and criticism. venkatesh has recently avoided speaking to the media since he has been too busy filming his upcoming project.

During a press conference for the movie "Ahimsa," venkatesh Daggubati finally responded to the reception of his television series "Rana Naidu." venkatesh responded that Netflix is pleased with the response and that they tried something different with the series when questioned about the reactions from fans.

Venkatesh admitted it's not always easy to win over every audience segment. Given that "Rana Naidu" is original content, venkatesh said they will think about making changes for the second season in order to appeal to a wider audience. He said that they will talk about "Rana Naidu" later, but he made his initial response succinct and direct. venkatesh said he always tries something new and will look into the idea of making adjustments for the second season of "Rana Naidu" after expressing his happiness with the reception to the show.

The next phase of filming for Venkatesh's movie "Saindhav" is scheduled to begin in June. The movie is expected to be released in december 2023. Sailesh directed the action thriller "Saindhav".

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