Attention is being drawn to the recently released movie "Mark Antony" in tamil Nadu. However, there has been a range of reactions in Telugu-speaking areas. A noteworthy feature of the movie's marketing was the use of VFX to recreate the iconic figure from the past, Silk Smith. The performance of an artist who closely resembled silk smitha was smoothly blended with her face using morphing technology in an effort to evoke nostalgia.

Although the idea was appealing, the filmmaker, Adhik Ravichandran, committed serious mistakes. Although the tale takes place in 1975, one episode depicts vishal as already having achieved stardom in the silk industry and asking for assistance, which is at odds with the fact that silk smitha just began working in the field in 1979. The narrative's synchronisation was broken by this inconsistency. Additionally, the film's portrayal of Silk Smitha's character was weak, without impact and depth. Fans were let down, especially those who were looking forward to a song or a bigger role.

Comparisons were made to other occasions where late ntr was skillfully conveyed via the use of graphics in films like "Kalisundam Raa" and "Yamadonga." Fans had hoped for a similarly awe-inspiring portrayal of Silk Smitha, but the execution sadly fell short. The entire portrayal of Silk Smitha's character lacked the effect that was intended, whether as a result of financial restrictions or a wasted chance to produce a moment that would capture the viewers.

Despite this, "Mark Antony" had a decent opening, particularly when compared to Vishal's most recent productions. Although the telugu dubbed version might not be as successful, industry analysts anticipate that the tamil version would break even within the first week.

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