Actress decided to get a divorce like Samantha..!?

Nowadays, heroines get divorced as fast as they get married. The divorce incident that gave a big shock was the marriage breakdown of Samantha-Naga chaitanya and amala Paul-AL Vijay. The divorce of these couples, who fell in love and got married, is a source of sadness for their fans. Likewise, dhanush and Aishwarya's marriage break-up also caused a shock. Actress Sheela, who has acted in films like Mandela and Draupadi, has also joined this line-up. With girl-next-door looks and good acting skills, she is now a budding actress. In this context, she posted on her social media page that she is leaving the marriage relationship. She posted it as thanks and love.
This has now caused a huge stir. I don't know the reason why she has taken such a decision after falling in love with Cholan, who runs a Koothu workshop. But there is widespread talk that marriage is a hindrance to actresses' ambitions. It is also being talked about that this may be the reason behind Sheila's decision to divorce. Fans who have seen this know that she is married now. By then they are openly showing their shock at divorce.

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