Kannada film producer Soundarya Jagdish commits suicide…

The very sad news is coming from South Industry. Actually, it is being told that kannada film producer and businessman Soundarya jagadish has died after attempting suicide. police and sources close to him told PTI on sunday that the producer had allegedly tried to commit suicide at his residence in Mahalaxmi Layout, Bengaluru on sunday morning. He was immediately taken to a private hospital in Rajajinagar where doctors declared him dead.

What did the friend say about Jagdish's death?

According to PTI, Jagadish's friend Shreyas told reporters, "Jagadish died after attempting suicide. We brought him to the hospital, where he was declared dead. A further process is going on to find out what was the reason. He did not have any health problems. We are unable to tell you the reason for the suddenness.”

Did you attempt suicide because of a bank notice?

When asked that recently a bank notice was sent to Jagdish and if could this be the reason for his attempting suicide. To this, he said, “No, it has nothing to do with it. This issue has persisted for some time. business issues are different.' Shreyas also dismissed "misleading reports" that the death was due to cardiac arrest. He said, "After finding out this morning, he was immediately taken to the hospital...he had attempted suicide by hanging himself."

What did the police say?

Police said the investigation is ongoing and all due procedures will be followed. According to the indian Express report, DCP (North) Saidulu Adawath said that Jagadish's wife had filed the complaint. He said, “We are investigating the matter from all aspects. Recently, his mother-in-law passed away and he was in depression because he was very attached to her. He was also taking medicine for depression.

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