Vikram: Is Kollywood's 'Seyan' the owner of so many crores of property? Actor Vikram's Net Worth

As actor vikram celebrates his 58th birthday today, let's check his net worth and salary details in this compilation.

Actor vikram was born on april 17, 1966. His father's name is Vinodraj and his mother's name is Rajeshwari. His birth name is Kennedy. Vikram, who completed his schooling in Yercaud, had a desire to act in cinema from a young age. vikram did his college education at Loyola college, Chennai. At that time he also acted in stage plays in college.

Chiyaan Vikram

He has also won the best actor award for his role in a stage play. Vikram, who was on his way home on his bike after receiving the award, met with an unexpected accident and got seriously injured. Subsequently, Vikram, who had been undergoing treatment in the hospital for three years, had to undergo 23 stitches and had to take one side of the leg. But with intensive treatment by doctors and his determination, vikram started walking again.

Vikram Birthday

Later, Vikram, who was acting in commercial films, made his debut as a hero in the tamil film industry with the film 'En Kaadhal Kanmani' released in 1990. success did not come easily to vikram who easily entered the cinema as his father was also an actor. Almost 9 years after his debut in the film industry, he acted in films of many important directors like Sridhar, SB Muthuraman, bc Sriram, Shaji Kailash, Vikraman, Parthiban. However, success was fruitful for Vikram.

Vikram salary

Vikram was branded as an actor with no zodiac sign due to such a series of flops. However, Vikram, who continued to run because of his love for cinema, worked as a dubbing artist when there were no hero opportunities. It was at that stage that vikram got the introduction of director Bala. bala changed Akhilan, which had started with Vignesh, to sethu and cast vikram in it.

Vikram Movies

The film was a huge breakthrough for Seiyaan Vikram. After the success of Sethu, vikram emerged as a leading actor as he gave successive hits like Dil, Pudh Sami, and Gemini. Vikram, who has been acting in cinema for more than 30 years, is celebrating his 58th birthday today. He has been showered with congratulations on social media. In this case, let's see about his property value now.

Vikram Net Worth

According to this, Vikram, who gives his hundred percent effort to any character in tamil cinema, is currently earning more than Rs. 30 crores per film. He also owns a luxury bungalow in Chennai. Its value is said to be several crores. Apart from this, actor Vikram, who has bought and accumulated many luxury cars, is said to have a net worth of more than Rs.150 crores. The movie Tangalan is currently being made in his acting. The film will hit the screens soon

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