Anime films again conquer japan box office!!!

Bocchi the Rock! tv anime's Season 2 renewal is riding on the box office success of its compilation films. The first of the recap duology opened in Japanese theatres this Friday, and it's already made it to the top of the list of high-grossing films during the june 7-9 weekend.

According to Kogyo Tsushin's box office reports, the first Bocchi the Rock! Recap film attracted 140,000 moviegoers and grossed 218 million yen during its opening weekend. The awe-inspiring debut of the re-edited version of the feel-good anime and its future installment might just revive the franchise, leading to a much-wished-for proper tv sequel. Meanwhile, the second movie of the batch, Bocchi the Rock! Re:Re: is slated to hit the big screen in japan on august 9. North America also awaits the compilation movies' premieres, with Crunchyroll and sony handling their distribution. The official release dates have yet to be announced. The girl band anime franchise is based on Aki Hamaji's popular manga series. Its original tv adaption aired from october to december 2022, with Crunchyroll now streaming it.

Anime films ranking at japan box office

Following the music-comedy series' example, the 27th Detective Conan film expanded its long-running spell at the Japanese box office for the ninth week. As the next movie generating the second-highest collection of 170 million yen, Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram saw 119,000 viewers attending this weekend's screening. Now, earning its credit as the best box office performer for the franchise, the 2024 Case Closed film has raked in a cumulative collection of over 14.6 billion yen (~US$92.98 million). It presently stands as the 16th top-grossing movie in the Japanese Top 100 All-Time Ranking.

Other anime films on the Top 10 Weekend Ranking are Umamusume: Pretty Derby—Beginning of a New Era, Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture Act 2, and IDOLiSH7 The Movie: Live 4bit Beyond the Period.

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