Former US President donald trump can be arrested...P2

Secret negotiations, a $1.3 million payout, and a 17-year-old scandal involving trump and a pornstar. donald trump gave Stormy Daniels $1.30 million, he may be put under custody.

Porn star can get relief in case of payment

This rigging of trump is being considered a major crime in New York. Michael Cohen, who was Trump's lawyer, has also accepted that he had committed this crime at the behest of Trump. However, attorney Alvin Bragg is less likely to allege that Trump's payment to Daniels was illegal. Instead, trump could be charged with providing false business records to try to hide the payments by lying about the nature of the payments to his company, the trump Organization. If trump goes on trial, Bragg will have to prove the former president's involvement, fraudulent intent, and prosecutors will have to present evidence to convict trump on each charge.

Will donald trump go to jail?

If experts are to be believed, Trump's Secret service agents will need to coordinate the arrest procedure with the New York police Department and court officials. Complications will arise if trump is put in jail. Based on what we know so far, it is highly unlikely that trump will be jailed pending trial for a non-violent crime charge, and even if he is convicted, he will be jailed. There is very little chance of going.

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