Hunger & starvation in Pakistan..? 9.5 crore people in poverty?

Pakistan is a country that has been hit by the worst economic impact after Corona infection among the countries of the world. But the Pakistani economy is in a bad position before Corona. In the last fiscal year, the size of the poverty line has risen to 39.4 percent in pakistan waiting for a loan from the IMF. The World bank said that 12.5 million people fell into a bad economic condition. The World bank also said it should take immediate steps to improve the financial stability of the people in pakistan, which is trapped by the financial crisis. Pakistani people are facing more problems due to financial crises and on the other hand due to political instability. The World bank, based in Washington, released the draft policy tips prepared with the help of all the economic and trade sectors in pakistan ahead of the next election in the country, the Express Tribune said on Friday. In pakistan, poverty levels rose from 34.2 percent to 39.4 percent in the last one year. With this, about 12.5 million people, 1.25 crore, have been forced to earn $ 3.65 per day in the last year alone. As a result, 9.5 crore people are under the poverty line. Pakistan's economy structure is not capable of eradicating the poverty of the country, as well as the trend to improve the biology in parallel to fellow countries, said Tobias Haque, a senior economist of the pakistan World Bank. The World bank has advised the Pakistani government to increase taxes on agriculture and real estate, increasing the cost to the state. But the decision of the country is very important because this will create a heavy burden for the people of Pakistan.

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