In the state of Andhra Pradesh, everyone is in the rush of the parliament and assembly elections. And no one cares about the Pulichintala project. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the election results. In the meantime, the water dried up. At present, the water reserves in the Pulichintala project are completely exhausted. It is known that the rains never matched the expectations.

This time the sun was beating down. As a result, all the underground water has dried up. In the background of all this, the Pulichintala project has completely dried up. This project was made available near Pulichintala of Palanadu district. This project planned to be undertaken in the year 2009, was built with a construction cost of 1850 crores. This project has been available since 2013.

However... the water capacity of this Pulichintala project is 45.75 TMCs. But in 2023 the rains did not fall properly. As there is less rain in the upper parts of Karnataka, there is less flooding in the krishna River. This time the Pulichintala project has dried up. In the same year 2021. Due to heavy floods, Pulichintala was in ruins. But now the situation has completely changed. Despite this, telugu Desam is accusing the ycp government of being a failure. During the telugu Desam government, many TMCs were brought yearly, provided water for 3 years, and filled the wells. However, it is being discussed that the YSP government has completely failed in this regard.

  It is said that the YSP government has failed to bring water to the Pulichintala project. So it is said that the tamarind dried up. About 15 lakh acres of paddy in the krishna Delta will be cultivated depending on this Pulichintala project. Due to the lack of water in the so-called project... those crops have lost water. Especially in the bapatla Prakasam district of Guntur, rice crop is cultivated only through the Pulichintala project. But now the farmers are worried that this situation has disappeared in this Asangi. Farmers are demanding immediate action on this.

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