New behind-the-scenes pictures from Thor: love and Thunder show Christian Bale's development into Gorr the god Butcher. After Avengers: Endgame, chris Hemsworth makes his fourth solo feature his return to the MCU. In the Taika Waititi-directed film Thor: love and Thunder, the god of Thunder will square off against Bale's Gorr the god Butcher.

Thor: love and Thunder is the subject of a controlled marketing effort from Disney, which closely guards narrative details. But as the production approaches its theatrical release, more information about it starts to surface. To begin with, Waititi acknowledged that the movie will feature Thor going through a midlife crisis and is inspired by romance books. Gorr, who will be his main foe in the story, isn't a clear bad guy. In fact, viewers may even feel sympathy for the Asgardian Prince's next adversary. Gorr's motivations are currently unknown, but Bale's shift into the MCU antagonist has become the subject of public discussion regarding the character most frequently.

Fans can see a portion of Bale's metamorphosis into Gorr the god Butcher in a series of fresh photos posted on instagram by makeup artist Bart Mixon. The actor was allowed to shave his head during Thor: love and Thunder's principal photography, but was unable to do so during the filming of the sequel. As a result, they had to give him a bald cap, and as director Taika Waititi instructed them, it looks fine.

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