Both the senior star heroes megastar chiranjeevi and Nandamuri balakrishna have enjoyed tremendous success at the movie office since their respective films debuted on Sankranthi 2023 eve. Veera simha Reddy performed admirably along with Waltair Veerayya. And as of today, both of the star heroes have been acting in the same ways since the film's premiere, which has some critics ripping their hair out in frustration.

Balayya recently made a "Akkineni Tokkineni" remark during Veera simha Reddy's success meet, which caused a great deal of disruption. balayya said that he only said those things out of love, even after Chay and akhil released their statements about it. megastar chiru later said that filmmaker bobby complimented him since no huge hero would genuinely perform the scenario in which he wipes the poster of a tiny hero at the Waltair Veerayya victory meeting (a scene inside Veerayya). Since then, chiru has been mocked for referring to Raviteja as a "little hero."

In the first instance, balayya used a rhyme—more like gibberish—only to make their conversation at the shooting location more interesting, not to directly target Akkineni. In the second instance, chiranjeevi is undoubtedly a bigger hero than Raviteja, and a megastar doing acts like dusting off another hero's posters is undoubtedly a big deal. However, bringing it up in front of the general audience has generated pandemonium, therefore it would have been better if someone else had said it instead of Chiru.

People have the impression that these elder heroes are currently in a bit of a slump due to either their recent blockbuster success or the weariness that has come with it.

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