Tourists are aggrieved by a 100 per cent hike in the toll fees at Okenakkall, a tourist destination in Dharmapuri district. Okenakal is one of the few waterfall-centric tourist destinations in tamil Nadu. Parisal trip, oil massage, waterfall bathing, fish meal are the highlights of this tourist spot located on the banks of the Cauvery.

Most of the tourists to Okanagan prefer Parisal travel. Sitting on the Paralis with family members or a group of friends, enjoying the cool breeze and looking around the different parts of the Cauvery river, it is wonderful to return to the shore. Especially, children will be very excited to travel with this gift. So, traveling to Parisal is unavoidable if Okanagan tourism.

A 100 per cent increase in fares for travel to Okanagan, which has become a major tourist attraction, is the latest pain for tourists. 750 Rs. to be paid in prize department for 5 persons traveling in one prize including 4 adults and 1 child. Take around 1.30 hours to explore various parts of Okanagan Cauvery.

Meanwhile, there was a demand from Parisal drivers that their livelihood was being affected as the Parisal fare was not hiked for a long time. In this case, last week, the fare has been increased to Rs. 1,500 for a 1.45 hour journey to Paris. Due to this, the tourists coming to Okanagan have been suffering for the past one week.

In this regard, tourists like Jayashankar, lawyer Kamaraj and others said: According to the environment like price rise, the increase in fees is inevitable for every industry. However, the fare hiked from Rs.750 to Rs.1,500 for Parisal travel in Okanagan is deplorable. Starting from the lower class people, the poor, the middle class and the affluent, various groups visit Okanagan.

Therefore, the authorities may have allowed a fare hike that would be shared by all parties. It is said that apart from the Rs.1,500 fare trip, there is also a Rs.750 fare trip for traveling short distances. But it's an eye-popping package.

Therefore, the district administration should consider the fare hike in Parisal. Also, the practice of collecting extra money by causing stress to many of the prize drivers even after paying the toll should be stopped. They said this.

Assistant director of Panchayats, Mala, was asked about the fare hike, and said, 'The fare has not been hiked in paris for more than 10 years. Subsequently, in the committee meeting held regarding the fare hike, all Parisal riders insisted on a fare of Rs.1,500. That is why the travel fare has been increased to Rs.1,500,” he said.

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