indian players refused to practice..!? What happened?

It has been reported that the indian team players did not participate in training ahead of the t20 world cup Super 8 match against Bangladesh. At the same time, Bangladeshi players are engaged in training. This is said to be due to the poor world cup schedule. The 2024 t20 world cup is being held in the USA and West Indies. Team India's group-stage matches were held in America. The indian team participated in four matches. After that, the Super 8 round matches will be held in the West Indies. india is participating in it.
The indian team has traveled 3735 kilometers in the last week alone. In particular, the indian team's first Super 8 round match was held against the afghanistan team in Barbados. After the tournament ended on 20 june, india traveled to Antigua to play bangladesh on the same day.After traveling around 522 kilometers, the indian team will play against bangladesh on june 22 (today). The indian players left the match and traveled with the same fatigue. The indian team management said that the players who want to practice the next day can practice. In this situation, it is said that indian players are not involved in training.
Because they fear that the matches being held in different stadiums day after day may affect their fitness. The indian team will next travel to St. Lucia to take part in the match against australia on june 24. It has to travel 357 km. indian players are said to avoid training due to constant travel. Meanwhile, the bangladesh team was engaged in training yesterday. Because the team played against australia in the previous Super 8 match at the Antigua stadium. So, the players of that team practiced. indian players are tired due to constant travel which may affect their performance as well. After the Super 8 match against the Australian team, the indian team will have to travel 1030 kilometers to reach the second semi-final in guyana if they qualify for the semi-finals.

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