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Health Ministry issued guidelines for rescue

The health Ministry said that sick and elderly people should avoid going to crowded places.

Avoid places with bad air and must wear a mask.

Make sure to use a handkerchief or tissue to cover the nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.

People doing duty in health care facilities including hospitals, medical stores must wear masks. Also ask the patients and their relatives to wear masks.

Keep washing your hands frequently to keep them clean.

Avoid spitting in public places.

People suffering from respiratory diseases need to be more careful. 

Vaccination reduces the risk of corona by half

By getting anti-covid-19 vaccine, the risk of corona virus infection persisting in a person for a long time is halved. This thing has come to light in a study. 

According to the report of 'JAMA Internal Medicine', the risks of causing long-term symptoms of Covid-19 have been highlighted. The study, conducted on more than 8,60,000 people, also found that people who are overweight, women, smokers and people who are 40 years of age or older are more likely to suffer from Covid for a long time. They looked at data from 41 studies on 860,783 people worldwide to find out the causes of Covid. The researchers found that those who had been vaccinated had almost half the risk of long-term Covid, compared to those who had not been vaccinated.

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