Though superstar prabhas was aware that "Radhe Shyam" might not be a box office success, he urged that everyone work together to make it a Mr. Perfect-style hit, but none of his wishes were fulfilled. And, with the film proving to be a bigger flop than expected, the actress is now taking extra precautions. Due to the largest flop, prabhas is definitely disappointed and unhappy.

In fact, the Baahubali star was supposed to conclude his feature with director Maruthi in record time before moving on to his next projects, which include prashant Neel's Salaar, Nagi's Project K, and sandeep Vanga's Spirit. prabhas, on the other hand, has opted to put Maruthi's film on hold since he is unsure about the film's outcome. And he's alleged to have moved on to Project K because he needs to finish some scenes with disha patani and amitabh Bachhan.

Following the completion of Project K, prabhas will begin work on filmmaker prashant Neel's Salaar, which is set to be released next summer, while Prabhas' Adipurush is set to be released in january 2023. And, if recent rumours are to be believed, prabhas may not start shooting Maruthi's film till the end of the year. Isn't this, after all, the radhe shyam effect?

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