Amber Heard reportedly received a $10 million offer from Zen Models, an adult entertainment company, to play the lead role in an X-rated adult film. This news, which I find to be completely insane, comes to us via Popcorned Planet, however it appears that this is the case. A female-owned adult entertainment firm called Zen Models reportedly made Ms. Heard an extremely generous offer to play a leading role in one of their upcoming films. This information was disclosed in a letter from Veronica Madjarian, president of Zen Models, to Elaine Bredehoft, Heard's attorney. A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY WAS OFFERED TO AMBER HEARD TO STAR IN AN X-RATED ADULT MOVIE

Dear Ms. Bredehoft:

My name is Veronica Madjarian, and I serve as the company's president. A production firm and modelling agency, Zen Models. A number of adult entertainment video production firms that are interested in giving Ms. Heard a contract to appear in one of their films have gotten in touch with us. Our organisation is prepared to pay Ms. Heard $8,000,000 to appear in a production of adult entertainment. In her name, further payments totaling $1,000,000 would be made to the ACLU and Children's Hospital. Please get in touch with me at the aforementioned email if she is interested in this offer. Of course, the conditions of her involvement, the site of the shoot, and all the pertinent specifics would have to be worked out. Please let me know if Ms. Heard would consider this opportunity.

Very Truly yours,

Veronica Madjarian

The Children's Hospital and the ACLU would each receive $1 million from Zen Models if Amber Heard accepts the $8 million offer for the role. Now, to be honest, a lot of stuff doesn't seem to add up quite right, at least to me. First of all, why would they send Ms. Heard's lawyer this letter rather than her management or agent? Sending this to her lawyer seems a little strange, but perhaps they did send the same message to those folks.

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