The movie "Sitaramam" has gained enormous admirers for two persons ever since it proved to be a moneymaker at the box office. One is intended for the film's director, Hanu Raghavapudi, while the other is for Mrunal Thakur, the main character. However, these recently created telugu fanbases are furious with the actress for a cause after seeing her in the part of Sita, alias Princess Noorjahan.

They are now furious that she is not sai pallavi off-screen but is rather hotter than Samantha. The other day, Mrunal attended an awards ceremony in a stunning appearance, leaving spectators speechless with the level of glitz and glam she displayed. In actuality, Mrunal has always been thus stunning. She never opted to look unassuming; instead, she is more prone to constantly displaying her curvy charms.

It seems that Mrunal first tried her luck in tv serials, established herself there, and then appeared in numerous tv ads before taking on character roles in bollywood films. She has also played the lead in a few hindi movies, although those didn't turn out well. With Sitaramam, she finally hit the big time, and this caused many telugu filmmakers to chase her. Many jokes about the actress are now appearing as these new followers watch that aspect for the first time. Due to this response from her most recent admirers, we must wait to see what kind of call Mrunal will make next.

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