Meena, a senior actress, recently lost her husband, as is well known. Her husband recently passed away as a result of health problems related to COVID-19. Given that her husband is just about 50 years old, it comes as a shock to everyone in the profession as well as to her followers. The family of this 46-year-old actress is currently pressuring her to get married again. Recently, she has been present during filming. 

Although her close friends have stated that meena will get married again, we are unsure if she is eager to get married. Additionally, there are rumours that meena will wed one of her family's acquaintances. Several sources claim that her prospective spouse is also a friend of her late husband. 2009 saw Meena's marriage to Vidyasagar. software engineering was Meena's husband's line of work. But on june 18 of this year, he went away from illness. 

Meena's family members are hoping that her second marriage will give her back her courage after she lost it following the death of her husband. meena is currently considering getting married to a family friend. According to rumours, she has informed her family members that she does not want a second marriage. However, the family is pressing meena to get married, claiming that even though she doesn't require a spouse, her daughter does, so she should do so.

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