Bandla Ganesh attack on Guruji..!?

Bandla Ganesh's tweets saying Guruji Guruji have now become a hot topic all over. Bandla Ganesh, who had already tweeted yesterday friday that Guruji can become a producer if he gives a cast-off gift. Guruji's specialty is to break up Guru's disciples, wives, husbands, fathers, and sons and recently attacked Guruji with two more tweets. Today, a new tweet is ambika Darbar Batti, which connects the devotee to God, and Guruji darbar hammer, which separates the devotee from God.
Bandla Ganesh, who used to express his anger on Guruji in the form of tweets when he remembered, is making a series of tweets as if there is no going back this time. Yesterday he posted two tweets and thought he was silent, today he targeted Guruji with two more tweets. It is known that bandla ganesh is targeting trivikram in this way because he has distanced his teacher pawan kalyan from him as everyone thought. But today, bandla ganesh himself revealed that. bandla ganesh has opened up that Guruji has distanced him from Pawan directly as a Durbar hammer that alienates devotees from God. power star fans are confused as to how to respond to these comments made by bandla ganesh on trivikram, who is a devotee of Pawan. There was no chance that trivikram would actually care about Bandla Ganesh's comments. Pawan, however, actually takes this matter lightly.

No matter how many tweets bandla ganesh made, there was no chance of getting a response from Trivikram. In any case, there is a chance that producer-actor Bandla Ganesh's comments on a star director may cause some discomfort. And the audience is saying that it would be better if someone made it into the bandla ganesh Trivikram matter and made a truce between them.

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