We will see the massive storm of "Aadipurush" on the big screen in two more weeks. Prabhas' return to the big screen after two disastrous movies back-to-back, saaho and radhe shyam is marked by this movie. With only a few weeks till the film's premiere, certain "trolls" in bollywood have been spreading misinformation about the principal characters of the film.

Apparently, some "trolls" are tweeting that kriti sanon is the one who has appeared in songs like Thumkeswari, displaying her waist and swaying her hips. They are complaining that it is unacceptable for an actress who has performed in "hot" parts to now play Goddess Sita.

Another group of followers said that even the Baahubali actor is not the appropriate option for the part of Lord Rama while simultaneously uploading screenshots of prabhas playing about with a heroine's waist. All things considered, this kind of teasing is pretty prevalent anytime performers portray Gods and Goddesses on television.

One wonders what motivates a select few people to disseminate such hatred at a time when the largest devotional film of the decade is about to release. Throughout their careers, performers like prabhas, Kriti, or anybody else are expected to play a variety of characters. And to accuse them of being unqualified to represent Lord Rama or Sita because they have performed in such "masala" roles in the past is unacceptable. If we must comment, these reviewers need to refrain from disparaging the two Aadipurush leads so severely.

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