In Austria, samantha Ruth Prabhu is now on holiday. The actress recently shared a couple images of Salzburg's tranquilly on her instagram account. She shared a couple of pictures from her vacation on her instagram account. The views were taken from the same location where The Sound of music, starring Julie Andrews and christopher Plummer, was filmed. For those who are unaware, samantha has a special affection for the 1965 musical movie.

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The Sound of music was the actress's go-to movie at all times, in both her happiness and her despair, as she noted in the caption. In her instagram post, samantha wrote, "Whenever I’d feel very happy or very sad as a child… I’d rewatch Sound Of Music. It was my escape. It would transport me to a magical world that would give me the detachment from reality I needed. To me it was a mystical place that was comfortingly not real. I’d keep going back to the film as I grew older. Some films get better with each revisit. But Sound Of music remains the same and transports you back to childhood, instead. Coming here and visiting this location in person hit hard and tender all at the same time."
Samantha's devoted following filled the comments section of her instagram photo with praise for the wonderful location. A person commented, "Awww someone is having me time," emphasising Samantha's desire for some much-needed alone time. I enjoyed reading your comments and going on a nostalgic rollercoaster journey with you. Take care my loveliest heart, love!" Due of how entrancing the vista was, there were also numerous comments asking where the photos were shot. Another user commented, "Where was that photo at, looks like beautiful place to visit."


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