There is an image that heroes earn much in cinema. It would be a little surprising to say that a comedian has earned them parallel. He is not from kollywood or Bollywood, but is a telugu film industry. He owns nearly Rs 500 crore.

Brahmanandam was born in the village of Cook near the andhra pradesh state. Born on february 1, 1956. His father has been working as a priest who performs woodworking. A total of 7 people were born with actor Brahmananda. He has completed his college and has been a professor at a college in Godavari district.

Brahmanandam is also a playwright while working in college. He is also a mimicry. In 1985, he hosted a show on TD television. Following the popularity of the event, the director of the show, Jantaalala, introduces brahmanandam in the cinema.

Brahmanandam made his debut as a comedian in tollywood with the 1987 film Aha Na Bellanta. The film was a turning point for him. brahmanandam, who has been in the telugu film industry for the last 37 years, has acted in over 1000 films. brahmanandam has also set a Guinness record, the only actor who has acted in over a thousand films.

Brahmanandam car Collection

In 2009, the Padma Sri Award was awarded to brahmanandam in honor of his contribution to the film industry. brahmanandam is also one of India's highest paid comedians. He is getting a salary of Rs 1 to Rs 2 crore for a film. In addition, it is said that he is getting a salary of up to Rs 1 crore to act in ads.

Brahmanandam Family

He has assets worth nearly Rs 500 crore. He also bought millions of agricultural lands in it. In addition, the jubilee hills area in hyderabad is owned by Luxury Bungalow. brahmanandam has also bought expensive luxury cars like Benz and Audi

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