Is yashika involved in the plastic surgery controversy? Nithiyadi's response to fans' criticism!

While many fans have criticized actress yashika has plastic surgery... Nediyadi has answered this by breaking the truth.


Yashika started looking for opportunities in tamil cinema at the age of 13. Although he didn't get the right opportunity initially, he followed this up with his impressive performances in films like Dhruval Bhatinaar, Paadam, Iruttu Chiba Muruttu Kuttu, Maniyar Kottam, Kalgugu 2, Zombie, Mookkuthi Amman, The Legend.

After acting in the film 'Irudu Chimbha Murattu Kuthu', fans labeled her as an adult film heroine, but she is coming out of it. However, since Aishwarya's grandfather also threw Jalra over... he had to go out before the last few weeks. It was when yashika was on her way to chennai from puducherry to party with her girlfriend and boyfriend that the car she was traveling in met with an accident near mahabalipuram while she was playing a PC. Yashika's friend died on the spot. yashika and her friends escaped with serious injuries.

 Actress yashika Anand

Yashika has recovered from the impact of the accident and is looking for an opportunity to publish attractive photos again in her style... While some fans have been criticizing on social media that yashika has done plastic surgery to enhance her beauty, yashika has responded to this... Nethiyadi has replied that she has not had any plastic surgery.

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