All in all, notwithstanding the ongoing discussions about certain recent films, people in affluent cities are lining up to see telugu New Year, or Ugadi, celebrations in the two telugu states on tuesday afternoon at the cinemas of Manummel Boys and Premalu. This leads us to the topic of discussion: why are malayalam films receiving so much attention these days, even with fewer promotions?

It seems that one must concede that the substance these two films have produced is of excellent quality. Premalu connects with the younger generation with his cool comedy and straightforward one-liners. Manjummel Boys is a thriller, but it also keeps viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time, even if they are aware of the film's inevitable conclusion.
These two Mallu films only succeeded at the box office because of their own merit, nothing more, even in spite of Tillu Square and Family Star's great box office performances.

However, the telugu box office was relieved with the tremendous success of Tillu Square; however, the box office now requires a movie to satisfy the public's appetite for films over the summer break. Many biggies are out of the picture due to the May 2nd elections, which opens up a nice two months for other films. We now need to determine who will prevail as competitors such as Geethanjali Malli Vachindi approach.

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