Tamil Nadu bjp president annamalai has criticized that just because rahul gandhi has no job does not mean that the entire youth in india is suffering from unemployment. annamalai, who participated in a conference held by an english media in Kovalam next to Chennai, said this. Target 2024: Who will win in the South? (Target 2024: Who will win the South?) annamalai has spoken thus in the discussion since he spoke...

"Congress's Manikam Thakur, who spoke before me, referred to the party chief as the 'high command'. The reason why national parties have no reputation in tamil Nadu is because of this culture created by Congress. But I can call Modiji a doer (karyakartha).

It is wrong to say that all the youth of the country are unemployed because rahul gandhi is unemployed.

BJP retained its vote bank in the recent karnataka elections. In puducherry we are in coalition in government. In the upcoming 2024 elections, bjp will have a good breakthrough in states like tamil Nadu, Telangana, karnataka and Kerala. Modi will play a key role in that success.

Before 2014, South indian politics was different. bjp made its mark in tamil Nadu a bit late. If the bjp saw a boom in tamil Nadu during the Vajpayee era, the bjp has seen significant growth in tamil Nadu since 2014. This time, prime minister Narendra Modi's welfare programs and cultural restoration efforts are going to bear fruit in the south," said Annamalai.

Modi will not take power in South India... - congress MP who responded to annamalai Manickam Thakur said, “Modi shakti will not take place in the South. Every election is different. The politics of hate cannot enter the South. politics of hate especially with RSS background will not be tolerated. That is what brought them defeat in Karnataka. So Modi will not take power in South india,” he said.

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