Hukaram Chaudhary said that we were asked by Shri ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust to make the stones

of this seat. We have prepared the white marble pedestal as per the drawing given by them. This seat will be sent

to ayodhya by Wednesday. He said that white marble has been used extensively in the temple. Apart from this

marble floor pillar, there is carving work done in the sanctum sanctorum. The pillars of the temple are also made

from Makrana marble. The throne of Lord Shri ram is ready in Ayodhya. On which only a layer of gold remains

to be coated.

Craftsmen decorated the temple with their skills

Hukamaram told that 13300 cubic feet of carving rate marble has been used in the construction of the sanctum

sanctorum of the temple. Whereas 95300 square feet has been used for marble flooring and cladding. The white

marble for the floor and the inlay work on it has been done by Hukamaram and Dharmaram Chaudhary. To

strengthen the floor, white marble stones of 35 mm thickness have been installed. The grand temple of Lord Shri

ram is ready. The sanctum sanctorum of ram temple is also completely ready. The sanctum sanctorum with

specially prepared pillars has been decorated by different craftsmen with their respective skills.

Red stones from Bansi Paharpur Bharatpur have been used on other parts of the ground floor. Whereas the

sanctum sanctorum is completely made of Makrana marble. On which the sanctum sanctorum has been prepared

by making it octagonal with fine carvings. Even before deciding the size of the sanctum sanctorum, stones and

lighting, the advice of experts was taken as the basis. So that the devotees who come for the darshan of Lord Shri

ram can have a divine experience.

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