Brain Teaser : Which teacup fills up 1st in 20 seconds?

Are you prepared to put your visual vision to the test with this bizarre puzzle that's going viral online? Viewers are left perplexed as they attempt to decipher an intriguing cartoon image that was posted on instagram because of its intricate design. 

A whimsical-looking teapot is delicately pouring tea into what appears to be an unending straw in this work of art. It appears to be a rather simple puzzle. The straw, however, splits into seven different directions, each of which leads to a different cup. The branching straws are arranged at varying heights. Everyone is curious as to which cup will fill up first.

Your eyes are pulled to the teapot's complex intricacies and vivid hues, which bring the illusion to life as you study the piece of art. It's a visual feast that stimulates the senses and tests your perception. There is a sense of expectancy and mystery as each cup appears to have an equal chance of receiving the tea when it is poured.

But don't worry! We're here to provide the solution to this intriguing riddle. Following careful observation and some thought, it is discovered that cup number six will be the first to fill. Did you succeed in getting the proper response? If so, kudos to you! 

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