The story is about Satya (Anikha Surendran) who lives in a village looking after her family's hotel. One fine day satya accidentally dials a phone number that leads to an auto-rickshaw driver. Friendship blossoms and slowly turns into love and the two decide to meet, so satya goes to the city, where a man follows Satya, but realizes that he is only there to protect her. In the end, you have to watch the movie to find out from whom that person wanted to save Satya.

Although this is a remake of the critically praised malayalam film Kappela, which won awards for its plot and cinematography, it is best to stay to the original script when crafting a remake of a popular movie, and the creators of Butta Bomma are to be commended for doing so. Even though the movie introduces Satya's character slowly at first, Satya's incorrect dialling makes the movie fascinating. However, the slow narration continues to be a major issue, and the scenes from the love track are just mediocre at best. Near the intermission, the plot, which had been predictable up until that point, abruptly changes in an unexpected way.

The true tale begins in the second half, and it is very engaging and has a good screenplay. When satya learns about her boyfriend, she tries to leave, but the tension-filled climax keeps you riveted to your seat. The story is more than just a suspenseful thriller because the director touches on a significant issue: the sex trafficking of women. arjun Das performed a good job in his role, Anikha Surendran did a good job as Satya, surya did a good job as Vashishtha, and the rest of the cast did a good job.

The simplistic, flat-moving first half of Butta Bomma lacks the joy and drama that should come naturally. Around the halfway point, there are a few brief tense moments that make you eager for the remainder of the game. Comparatively speaking, the second half of Butta Bomma is better, yet it still falls short of engaging the audience. A faithful remake, the movie progresses coldly with virtually any standout script or acting.

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