"We have clearly said that there will be an increase from 13 paisa to 21 paisa only in the electricity tariff for business and industrial establishments, there is no change in it. In other states it is more than this," tamil Nadu chief minister M. K. stalin said.

Tamil Nadu chief minister M. K. stalin met the media in Trichy on Friday. He was then asked if there is any action taken to reduce the commercial electricity tariff which will affect the business. To which chief minister stalin replied, "That too in only one newspaper they are exaggerating it. Everyone else has understood it. It is a planned false propaganda.

As far as home connection is concerned, we have assured them that we will not increase their electricity charges for any reason. But already the same notification has come. You know, you've seen it. I want to tell you with statistics.

We have made it clear that there will be no rate hike for home connection and all free connections will continue. Similarly, 100 units of free electricity for agricultural connections, cottage connections and houses will also continue. Free power concessions for handlooms and powerlooms will also continue. There is no change in it.

If you look at the norms of the Union government, the fee should be increased by 4.7 percent. However, the government has ordered to reduce it to 2.18 percent and accept that amount as a subsidy and give it to the power board. Hence, there will definitely not be any rate hike for home connections as well.

We have made it clear that only for commercial and industrial establishments that too there will be an increase from 13 paisa to 21 paisa; There is no change in it. If you look at other states, more than this.

When AIADMK was in power, they raised the electricity tariff vertically. They left the electricity board in debt. When jayalalithaa was in hospital, the AIADMK government signed the uday scheme. That is why all this disorder is going on. This is the truth," said chief minister Stalin.

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