Deep relations between bangladesh and India...

The Prime Ministers of both countries have won the elections this year. It was a normal event of meeting after the victory of both, there was no political aspect to it. This is very important for the diplomatic relations between india and Bangladesh. There has been an improvement in the relations between india and bangladesh for the last decade. india has emerged as a development partner for Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh is India's second-largest trading partner in Asia. There is a trade of 15 billion between india and Bangladesh. bangladesh exports two billion dollars to India. From this, it can be said that india and bangladesh are linked to each other through social, economic, political and cultural relations. india and bangladesh have had relations since 1971, the same time when india played an active role in the independence of Bangladesh. Recently, after the elections were held in bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina again became the PM there, and since then she has been the target of many statements of America. America also raised many questions about the democratic situation of Bangladesh. In response to that, Sheikh Hasina also made such statements many times that there are some countries which are directly interfering forcefully in bangladesh and its activities for their own benefit and strategy. She said that a country wants to establish its airbase in the Bay of Bengal.

In this way, America is maintaining political and strategic pressure on Bangladesh. On the other hand, china, which is emerging strongly in Asia, is making its presence felt in the Bay of Bengal, both economically and militarily. Such activity in the neighbourhood is not good for india at all. This meeting has taken place to discuss mutual relations between the two countries. The recent meeting between india and bangladesh will definitely go in a different direction and a better relationship will develop between the two countries. china is keeping a close eye on the Teesta project worth about one million dollars.

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