One of telugu cinema's most popular producers is dil Raju. The producer is currently being pursued for giving Varisu, which is slated for release during Sankranthi 2023, the most theatres possible. dil Raju, however, broke his silence on the subject and responded to the ongoing argument that he has a stranglehold on the distribution of independent films.

"Everyone will argue that I restrict some films by not giving them theatres," dil raju said at a recent event. However, I also have a hidden side. I am someone who always loves good content-oriented movies first. I will do whatever it takes to show people a good movie if there is one. For instance, love Today will soon be available in Telugu. Even though I won't make even a single rupee from the movie, I'm still doing it.

Dil Raju went on to say, "I am doing all this merely because I am enthusiastic about good cinema," in further addition. dil raju also spoke about the Varissu matter. I will shortly meet with the media to discuss the circumstances behind the release of the movie in full. It appears that dil raju will take those people who are intentionally targeting him seriously.

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