After the death of his daughter, vijay antony in a shooting..!?

The news that actor vijay antony has again participated in the shooting after 6 days of his daughter's death has surprised everyone. Vijay Antony, who made his debut in the film industry as a music composer, is currently acting busy in subsequent films. His films have been receiving good response not only among tamil fans but also among telugu film fans. In that way, the movie 'Pichaikaran 2', directed by vijay antony and released in tamil and telugu a few months ago, was a huge success. With the success of this film, vijay antony identified himself not only as a great actor but also as a director. Also, Vijay Antony, who was born into an ordinary middle-class family and was recording his successive successes in the film industry, became an irreparable loss in the life of his 16-year-old daughter, Meera. meera reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself around 2 a.m. on september 19, while she was reportedly undergoing treatment for depression for the past one year. Her death shocked the kollywood industry. Many celebrities and fans visited the body of Vijay Antony's daughter and paid their respects. The post-mortem report also confirmed suicide.After his daughter's death, vijay antony stated with very emotional words. In it, his daughter meera is very kind and brave. She is now in a peaceful place where caste, religion, money, envy, pain, poverty, and hatred are better than this world. She is talking to him. He has died with her. He has now started spending time with her. She will initiate all the good things he is going to do in her name. While Vijay Antony's family is in a state of grief as they are unable to recover from the loss of their daughter, it is said that vijay antony has once again participated in the shooting. As the pre-production works of this film under the direction of the debutant director and everything is ready for shooting, and because the producer should not face any loss, vijay antony has hidden his sadness and participated in the ongoing shooting in Bengaluru. This information has surprised the fans.

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